I have been working in the design field for almost 20 years. It all started when my father brought home an Apple iic. To play around with such a tool and be able to combine it with my passion for illustration was just amazing.

Early in my 20s I worked building sets for theater plays and painting murals. As the web started to be a thing I taught myself how to create websites. As I kept exploring the digital medium I learned how to design, code and animate for web. In 2000 I started an online community for Latin American web designers called Since then I've been creating interactive experiences for clients like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Allrecipes, Dell and Grindr, and had the opportunity to work with great people at awesome companies and agencies.

Throughout my career I've helped build multidisciplinary teams across countries, define creative processes, identify opportunities and help grow businesses from the ground up.

I'm a hands-on creative that loves to find logical solutions.


For questions or simple conversations please shoot me an email.


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